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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

Today we hear the story of the miraculous feeding of the crowd by Jesus.  One message from this that needs to be taken to heart is the importance of sharing what we have with those who are less well off, especially those who are starving.  The Lord asks us to give ourselves and our resources […]

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

In our world today, so many lives are consumed with adding to our financial status, regardless of the time or the day.  Jesus was different.  He looked at the capacity of His disciples.  He is a shepherd with a heart.  He is not a slave driver.  Jesus did not want them to work all the […]

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

There is something very moving about this gospel passage of Jesus sending out twelve of his disciples, after a brief apprenticeship, to preach the message of God’s word, which they did not fully understand. They were to have a simple lifestyle, to be poor as he was poor, not to worry too much about their […]

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

The strength of the strong often proves to be their downfall, while the weakness of the weak often saves them. People don’t fall because they are weak but because they think they are strong. In our weakness, we experience the power of God. in our darkness, we experience his light. In our sins, we experience […]