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1st Sunday in Lent

By St. Pius X | News

To begin Lent with the story of the fall of our first parents who disobeyed the word of God by eating the forbidden fruit, should make us aware of our own sinfulness.  Greater than anything lost by Adam’s disobedience is the new life won by the obedience of Christ who shared in our weakness so […]

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

The Gospel reveals the ugly side of human nature and shows us up for what we are – people who are full of petty jealousies, hatreds and spites.  One of the greatest challenges in Christ’s teaching is to love those who hate and harm us.  And even though we are very much aware that a […]

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

One of the main criticisms levelled at church-goers is that their Sunday worship has little influence on their weekday lives.  Jesus in the gospel today is telling us that getting by within the letter of the law is not what he has in mind for his followers and spells out clearly what he expects of […]

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

When friends compliment us on our goodness and reliability, stating that we are the salt of the earth, they are paying us a great tribute.  Today’s gospel reminds us of our noble calling of bringing Jesus into the world.  Christ has placed his gospel into our hands and it depends on whether or not it […]