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Reflection for the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

The words of Christ to the Pharisees in today’s gospel are a challenge, and we can hardly deny that they apply to us also. The attitude of the Pharisee lurks within all of us, so a warning about it is never out of place. Jesus is appealing to us to be on our guard against merely […]

Reflection for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

The declaration of Jesus that he was the living Bread come down from heaven and the source of eternal life, proved too much for some of his followers.  They could not believe in such a claim and started to drift away.  Neither surprised nor disappointed at their reaction, Jesus did not take back anything he […]

Reflection for the Feast of the Assumption

By St. Pius X | News

There are times when the monotony of daily living and the drudgery of dull routine saps all our energy and we find ourselves crying out for the kind of reassurance and comfort that this feast day brings, for in contrast to such despair, Mary’s Assumption helps lift our minds andhearts above the encircling gloom. It […]

Reflection for the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

What the majority of Christians can say without much reflection is that life in following Christ is by no means plain sailing, with situations which result in ourselves being broken and crushed.  To keep going we need an assurance that we are not alone in our lives and that God is with us helping us […]