Grade One Catechism Registration

Please follow these guidelines for registering your child for Grade One Catechism.

    1. Grade 1 children usually attend the Children’s Liturgy at the 10:30am Sunday Mass for their catechism program from mid-September to late-April. With the covid-19 pandemic we are not able to provide children’s liturgy at this time. Those families who register will receive a weekly email with the children’s liturgy handout that may be used at home. If you are not able to attend this Mass regularly, or we will provide a Grade one home program for you and your child (with 24 weekly lessons and directions).
    2. Please indicate the parent with custody of children, if parents are not living together, under legal guardian on the online form below. If there is shared custody, please indicate the parent who will be responsible for the Catholic education of the child or both parents names if this will be a shared responsibility.
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Emergency Contact

If you have any further questions, please contact me at the Parish Office (click here).


Jerry McCabe
Director of Catechetics
St. Pius X Parish