10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
8 Jun 2018

If you read the Gospels carefully, you’ll find that Jesus asked a number of questions.  Each is concrete, practical and applicable to everyday life.  We have to hear them as if they were addressed to us, consider their relevance to our lives today and respond in faith.  The question in today’s Gospel is this:  “Who are my mother and my brothers and sisters?”  To understand the implication of this question, we need to put it into the context of Jesus’ life.  According to Luke, Jesus was born in Bethlehem but grew up in the village of Nazareth, about ninety miles to the north.  In Jesus’ day, Nazareth had a population of about a hundred and fifty, most of whom were inter-related.  The Nazarites were a small sect of Jews who believed they were descended from the shoot of Jesse, from whom the promised Messiah would come. And because they were ultra-conservative, they had as little to do with the outside world as possible. But they could not accept that Jesus could be the long-awaited Messiah. And so, he left his home and moved to the nearby city of Capernaum. There the synagogue was different, it was more open to his teaching.  And so people flocked to Capernaum to hear him teach and receive his healing touch.  When it looked like he didn’t fit the mold, they thought he had lost his mind. But in his response he showed them a new way of looking at “family” that is all inclusive. So, as you go about your next week, see how others fit into this God-family.