13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
30 Jun 2017

The Gospel contains the conclusion of Matthew’s missionary discourse. Jesus instructs his apostles on the sacrifices involved, and the priorities they must embrace, in being his envoys to the world. He tells them that they must be ready, if need be, to sacrifice the dearest things in life. In certain and rare circumstances, they might have to choose between him and their own relatives. This passage also stresses the profound dignity and implications of even the smallest act of hospitality to Christ’s envoys. To receive a person’s envoy is to receive the person themselves. And the First Reading echoes what the Gospel says about the importance of showing hospitality towards the envoy of God. So, among many things, we are challenged to take up our cross daily in following Christ. But are we willing to do that? Jesus took up his cross. Our cross is made not of wood but of our burdens – worries, problems, illnesses, conflict within the family.….the list is endless. Perhaps there is no big cross, only a multiplicity of little crosses. There will be a variety of crosses that will cause us pain and challenge us to make difficult choices in our life. The cross we carry may not even be visible to others. The most painful cross of all, however, is the one in which we have no choice. Over and above these crosses, which come to everyone, are the crosses which come to us because we are disciples of Christ. Christ did not choose the way of ease or evasion. He chose the way of self-sacrifice and suffering out of love for us. Should anything less be expected of us?