13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
28 Jun 2019

The call and the cost of Christian commitments are heavily emphasized in this gospel where the life of discipleship and its qualities are laid out before us. There is nothing about being a follower of Christ that does not demand effort. As all existing responsibilities have to take second place, discipleship is not something to be entered into casually. As with the three individuals Jesus meets on his journey to Jerusalem, every day we are faced with similar situations. In the midst of our work, we encounter Jesus who beckons us to come and serve. It’s an on-going challenge requiring practical daily choices which are not always easy to make. Sometimes it may involve a serious conflict of loyalty or it may be a simple call to be friendly or neighbourly. Our journeying with Christ began at baptism with the promise to make his way of life our own. Growing in closeness to him is the result of making daily sacrifices, but the grind of monotonous living gets to us all and is evident in our half-hearted responses. We love the call but we quibble about the cost to our personal freedom. Gathering as we do as a believing community provides us a wonderful opportunity to deepen and renew our relationship with Christ.