14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
6 Jul 2018

The strength of the strong often proves to be their downfall, while the weakness of the weak often saves them. People don’t fall because they are weak but because they think they are strong. In our weakness, we experience the power of God. in our darkness, we experience his light. In our sins, we experience his mercy. Paul was content with his weakness. He said, “It is when I am weak I am strong.” So it can be with us. The truth is that our weaknesses are our blessings. They relate us to God. They remind us that we are not God, even though we often act as if we were. Rather, we are on a path with God, who raises us up as we fall. In his weakness Paul relied on God’s grace. God’s grace is a free and undeserved gift from God for the regeneration/salvation of each and every person. We need to embrace the place where we are. Know who we are and our place in another’s life. This is very important for peace, harmony and contentment. When we embrace the place where we are, like Paul, we become content. We need to be present and listen to God’s directions for self-discovery as Paul did. Let us get up every day and give it our best effort, because God’s grace will sufficiently carry us through what ever we might have to face.