14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
5 Jul 2019

Christ sent his disciples ahead of him to announce, with a message of peace, that the reign of God was at hand.  The invitation to take part in the work of the Lord, to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world is extended to our generation.  Our mission is to bring the peace of Christ wherever we go and to all we meet.  No special training or education is needed for the work, as the word of God is waiting to come to birth in a more total way in each of us.  All that is required is an effort on our part to allow the goodness of God to shine in our lives.  In an age when many are confused and disillusioned, and are searching for meaning in their lives, we can open their hearts to faith and arouse in them a thirst for God by treating them with courtesy, charity and respect.  In the midst of plenty, people are hungering to be wanted, loved and recognized.  God alone can satisfy the desires of the human heart and overcome the darkness from within.  Everyday is a harvest day and in every place there are things we can do for Christ which will otherwise remain undone.  We are responsible for some small part of the Lord’s work and it is up to us to reap the harvest.  We cannot sit back and expect the peace of Christ to appear unexpectedly from heaven without our involvement.  To give to others the peace of Christ is the vocation we all share as disciples and the task committed to us.  We are called not merely to be good people but to spread the gospel.