14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
7 Jul 2017

It gives us joy to know an important person. However, to know often simply means to know facts about the person. But to know another person in this way is to have a very shallow knowledge of that person. To really know means to have a relationship with the person, a relationship based on trust and love. And also to know that we too are known and loved by the person. Some see God as distant and remote, not really concerned about us and our sufferings. Worse still, others see God as a judge, or a spy ready to pounce and punish. Because Jesus knows the Father he is able to reveal him to others, especially to those who, like children, are open and receptive. Jesus revealed God as a loving, compassionate, forgiving Father. A God who is passionately interested in us. A God whose concern is not to judge and condemn, but to heal and to save. Many of the so-called wise people rejected Jesus, but the simple people accepted him. The intellectuals had little use for him, but the humble accepted him. Intellectual pride is a dangerous thing. Simple people are often nearer to God than clever people. In all of this Jesus is condemning pride and commending humility. When faith is a matter of the head alone, it becomes a cold, intellectual thing. The result is that God remains outside us, a distant, aloof figure. When faith is rooted in the heart, God is seen as close and loving. Then faith becomes a warm relationship with God. To know God in this way, and to have a close and loving relationship with him, should be a cause of great joy to us. God is like a spring within us from which we can drink and refresh ourselves.