15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
14 Jul 2017

A seed is a marvellous thing – it can make barren ground fruitful. But a seed is an extremely weak and vulnerable thing. It depends entirely on the kind of soil in which it is sown. If the soil is lacking, the seed will come to nothing; if the soil is good, it will produce a rich harvest. So, it is with a word. A word is a powerful thing. It can comfort, inspire, teach, correct, challenge, change a life…or it can come to nothing. It is completely dependent on the attitude of the one who hears it. Some hear the word and receive it with enthusiasm, but when the carrying out of it becomes difficult, their enthusiasm wanes and they quickly abandon it. The lives of some people are littered with things started but never finished. Some people may receive the word of God, but there are so many other interests in their lives that the most important thing gets crowded out. People are too busy to pray. People are so involved in their careers that they have no time or energy left for the things of the spirit. God keeps sowing his word in our hearts even though he knows that much of what he sows will be eaten by the birds, or fall on rocks among thorns. The seed of God’s word, once dropped into the human heart, never dies. It’s never too late to act on the word of God.