15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
13 Jul 2018

There is something very moving about this gospel passage of Jesus sending out twelve of his disciples, after a brief apprenticeship, to preach the message of God’s word, which they did not fully understand. They were to have a simple lifestyle, to be poor as he was poor, not to worry too much about their physical needs, and not become upset if their message was not welcomed at every door. It was no surprise that their mission was highly successful, the secret of which was that they benefited from the living example of Jesus and the time spent in his company. The sending out of the twelves apostles was but the beginning of the church’s mission to the world. Every baptized Christian is called to accomplish this work of spreading the gospel. This invitation to a more dedicated life is very challenging and demands that we have a caring heart. Another effective way of proclaiming the gospel is by the silent witness of a simple lifestyle. Christ’s work demands total commitment in small things done daily. He wants all of us to be part of his saving mission. We are his hands by the work we do, his tongue by the words we speak, and his feet by the places and people we visit.