16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
21 Jul 2017

In today’s gospel Jesus continues his teaching about the Reign of God, with three parables which reveal their secrets only to a careful listener and specifically those who have a genuine willingness to adopt his teachings. What is important for us to notice is how tiny and insignificant are the three examples Jesus uses! Then, something creative and powerful happens. The good seed has grown into a field of rich grain; the little mustard seed has developed into such a bushy tree; and the tiny bit of yeast has caused the dough to ferment into delicious bread. These parables open up layers of meaning of the mystery of the Kingdom, depending on how we focus our attention. Jesus is not just talking about seeds of grain. Grain is life sustaining, but there are many other different types of seeds: seeds of doubt, seeds of evil, seeds of sin and despair. So, we have to be vigilant in not allowing these seeds of destruction to seep into our lives. The parable of the leaven instructs us on what to do with our lives. We are to spread love around until it touches everyone. And the third parable about a mustard seek predicts great results from the love we sow. Like the good seed, leaven and mustard seed, we are challenged to spread our love out to more and more people. When we are loved, we support and reach out to all those we meet each day.