16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
20 Jul 2018

In our world today, so many lives are consumed with adding to our financial status, regardless of the time or the day.  Jesus was different.  He looked at the capacity of His disciples.  He is a shepherd with a heart.  He is not a slave driver.  Jesus did not want them to work all the time.  He wanted his disciples to recharge by going into a solitary place.  A deserted place is not where food is normally found and rest is not easy to come by.  Therefore, the deserted place becomes a symbol for learning how to be fed by God.  Therefore, rest in the desert is not more time to sleep and have fun.  It is Sabbath Rest, learning how to be sustained by God, learning to enter into the presence of God, and learning to be free from the idolatry of work.  The Sabbath Rest happens any time we turn to people, any time we take to tame our minds and hearts, any time we take to get to know ourselves, God, our family and our neighbors.  The Sabbath is more than a day of physical and mental relaxation.  It is even more than the day on which we worship.  The Sabbath has a definite redemptive and restorative significance based on the Bible.  We must keep in mind that his Sabbath is God’s seventh day, not ours.  Since we are now in our “summer mode”, maybe it is a good time for this reminder from the Gospel that it is time not just for vacation but to embrace the Sabbath Rest.