17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
27 Jul 2018

Today we hear the story of the miraculous feeding of the crowd by Jesus.  One message from this that needs to be taken to heart is the importance of sharing what we have with those who are less well off, especially those who are starving.  The Lord asks us to give ourselves and our resources generously to him, to place what we have and are at his disposal.  Not many of us have experienced the pangs of real hunger which darkens the mind and forces an honest person to become a thief.  Our problem is that we have too much food.  The inclination of selfishness is strong in all of us.  The more we have the more we want.  There is food enough in the world for the needs of all people but not enough for people’s greed.  The hungry multitude is still with us, crying out for the basic necessities of life.  And although we might be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the problem, we can draw inspiration from the young boy.  The Lord did not dismiss his offering, and he won’t dismiss ours either.  And so this story should make us think about thanking God not only for our food but for the many blessings and benefits that come our way and which we take so much for granted.