17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
26 Jul 2019

What better introduction could we have to prayer than the direction given to us by Jesus, who is the master of the art of prayer.  One of the reasons why people were attracted to him and sought his company was the long periods he spent in private prayer and the importance he attached to it.  The success of his daily activity flowed from prayer.  So, when the request was put to Him about how people should pray, Jesus spoke spontaneously from his heart to his Father in heaven.  The traditional and familiar words of the Our Father make it a community prayer for all times and every occasion. The prayer is simple, short and yet a profession of faith because it reveals God as our Father whose kingdom we seek, and who can be trusted to provide for our genuine needs.  Prayer is talking to God ~ it’s an intimate and loving conversation which we carry on as family members with our heavenly Father. God wants us to be real, and so we can come as we are and speak to God with all honesty in a human way.  The joys and disappointments that make our days, give us much to converse about.  We can place our petitions before God and they will be answered as God sees fit.  Whatever His response, we can be sure it is for our own good.  Prayer makes us realize how much we need God and deepens our sense of dependence on his saving help. In the rush and noise of life, which drowns out the voice of God, we must find a time and a place of silence to pray.