18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
3 Aug 2018

As we listen to the words of Jesus in the Gospel today, we come to realize that food is but basic fodder and that if we are really to live, something more is required. There is another kind of nourishment needed by the human heart, because there are other hungers that we need to satisfy. Deep down within each of us there is a hunger to love and be loved, to be listened to and to be appreciated and above all to know that there is a meaning and an eternal value to our lives. There are the hungers of the hearts and the yearnings of the spirit of which Jesus wants us to be conscious and which he alone can satisfy. At this depth is our hunger for God. You and I are in this story as it touches our personal lives. Swayed as we are by material needs, we are in constant danger of losing our taste for the food that will strengthen our souls. Jesus speaks to us and asks us, do we hunger and thirst for what he has to offer? Where do our interests and true desires rest? He calls us to work as hard to receive that bread which he is, as we normally work for the bread which does not last. Otherwise, we will never know what we are striving for, and die without realizing our spiritual greatness. Unfortunately the world is full of people who spend their lives aimlessly seeking joy and happiness, but in the wrong places.