18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
2 Aug 2019

Every generation learns, often through bitter experience, that life is brief and entrance into heaven cannot be bought with riches.  We leave the world the same way we came into it so what is the point of hoarding, when someone else, who may care nothing about us, will inherit and perhaps waste all we have worked to achieve.  The rich man in the gospel failed to realize that what counts when we die is not wealth but the person we become in the process of living.  It showed up in the foolishness of thinking that happiness can be attained without taking God and death into the reckoning.  But lest we think that this lesson applies only to the rich, we need to think again.  This is a story of the person who spends life without any reference to God.  Christ is really warning us against going it alone and trying to hold our future in our own hands ~ by wasting our time, gloating over possessions and setting ourselves down securely in this life’s comforts.  This is a caution about greed and the hold which possessions exercise over the human heart.  We can overcome the temptation to greed by helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  What is given to others is not lost but is transformed into a treasure for eternity.  At the end of our life we will be measured by the good we have done. And so, in light of what Jesus says, each of us has some hard thinking to do about our attitude towards possessions. God is at the end of the line waiting for us when life is over.