19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
11 Aug 2017

If taken literally the Gospel story has little or no relevance for us. But it seems that Matthew meant it to be taken symbolically. The boat represents the Church; the winds and the waves stand for the persecutions that had been let loose on the early Christians. Jesus is not with them physically; he is in heaven, praying to the Father. However, in their hour of need he makes his presence felt among them, thus calming their fears and bringing them peace. Understood like this, the story has great relevance for us. Some people think that if you have enough faith life will be all smooth sailing for you. But this is not so. Faith doesn’t shield us from the hard knocks of life and death. It is comforting for us to see that at times the apostles and early Christians were weak and fearful. In other words, they were just like us. At the start of an adventure we may be convinced that we are full of faith. However, as we go along, and difficulties arise, we discover that we have very little faith. It is then that we have to turn to the Lord for help. It’s in our weak moments that we experience the strength of God. Faith doesn’t save us from trials and tribulations. What it does is give us strength to face them. This gospel shows us the power of faith. It shows us what Jesus always does for his people, when the wind is contrary and they are in danger of being overwhelmed by the storms of life. To those with faith, Jesus is the one who is present with us, and whose grace upholds us when things are too much for us