19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
10 Aug 2018

Many a time in our bleak moments we feel like saying with Elijah, ‘Lord, we’ve had enough.’  Christian life is by no means plain sailing and we often find ourselves broken and crushed by circumstances that come our way.  Left to our own resources we can find no light at the end of the tunnel.  To keep going we need an assurance that we are not alone in our lives and that God is with us helping us to carry our crosses, rescuing us from every predicament that befalls us.  The Gospel points out that we have such a help in Jesus who is the Bread of Life.  He brings each of us just what we need to sustain us on our pilgrim journey to God, Jesus is heavenly bread, medicine for the sick soul, nourishment for a wounded spirit, light and strength for a weary mind, the source of new and eternal life, whose presence and power strengthens us. He is the living Bread which has come down from heaven, the unique source of life.  In the Eucharist we experience the generosity of God who has forgiven us and who asks us in our turn to give as freely as we have received.  The Eucharist is an opportunity for reconciliation, for wounds and old sores to be bound up and forgiveness to be shown.  For God to love us we must try and be loving also