1st Sunday in Advent

St. Pius X | News
1 Dec 2017

The season of Advent prepares us for Christmas.  In order to understand the message of Christmas we have to start at the beginning – with the history of salvation.  The Advent liturgy relives in a microcosmic way the history of Israel, viewing it through the eyes of Christian faith.  It shows that all of that history was pointing and leading towards Jesus.  He was the one who fulfilled the messianic prophecies.  The Gospel today talks about the final coming of Christ, something the early Christians believed was imminent.  For the faithful, the Lord’s coming is not something to fear.  They are urged to live in such a way as to be always ready to meet the Lord.  These words are addressed to us now.  And so, Advent is a time of watchfulness.  We are waiting for the final coming of Christ at the end of time.  And we are also waiting for his coming to us at the time of our death.  Since both times are hidden from us, we should maintain a state of watchfulness so that we are ready to meet the Lord at any moment.