1st Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
28 Feb 2020

To begin Lent with the story of the fall of our first parents who disobeyed the word of God by eating the forbidden fruit, should make us aware of our own sinfulness.  Greater than anything lost by Adam’s disobedience is the new life won by the obedience of Christ who shared in our weakness so that we might live off its strength. The story of the temptations of Jesus, where he is enticed to misuse his God-given powers for selfish purposes is well known.  In permitting himself to experience temptation he sets the example we must all follow when we come face to face with the human dilemma of choosing between good and evil.  We draw comfort from the fact that the Saviour knew what it felt like to be tempted and as a result can sympathize with us in our weakness.  Lent is a time for new life in Christ.  By joining Jesus in the desert of our hearts we focus our attention upon the things which really matter in life.  The voice of God is calling us home and we should make a conscious decision to serve the Lord and do what is pleasing to him. This is not so much a season for giving up things as an opportunity for returning to the things of God we have neglected.  Good habits are hard to keep and easy to lose.  Prayer, fasting and almsgiving are the order of the season.  At the same time let us avoid those heavy-duty acts of mortification.  If we take on sacrifices beyond our limits, we may well end up becoming everyone else’s penance.