20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
16 Aug 2018

We are reminded today of the closeness of the union to which Christ calls us in every celebration of the Eucharist. It is a union which reaches its fulfillment in eternity. Jesus is offering us a life that will not grow old but will go on forever. In the Eucharist we are offered the life that Jesus shares with God the Father. Christ is not present on our altars simply for our adoration and admiration. He is present so that we can be united with him perfectly. Our celebration and reception of the Eucharist can be an empty pageant if it is confined to one hour in the church on a weekend and doesn’t flow into the rest of our lives. Unless we are very much part of what we are doing and have our hearts set on drawing closer and becoming more like Christ we can end up leading a pagan life tinged with certain Christian practices. Receiving the Eucharist is meaningless and profitless if we fail to live what we celebrate. We must take our religion out of the church with us and bring it into the market place. For instance, there is not much point in speaking about love without making an effort to spread it. At the conclusion of Mass we are sent out to serve the Lord where we live and work as Christ-bearers living his life, making Jesus present in a world that would otherwise conceal him. Every act, every word, every thought placed on the altar of Christ benefits our world. Without frequent return to the Bread of Life, we are unable to keep the Spirit of Christ alive in our hearts.