20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
16 Aug 2019

A Gospel story where Jesus tells us that he came to bring division even within family circles, cannot fail to make us sit up and take notice as it puts us on edge.  After all there is nothing so agonizingly painful as a family feud, and yet there is no escaping from this fact of life. We find these words puzzling and strange, accustomed as we are of turning to the Lord for comfort and peace in the midst of strife and division.  But these remarks were made by Jesus after he had come to realize that his message was not welcome because as far as the Jewish establishment was concerned, he had rocked the boat and they did not like it. They felt threatened and were going to silence him by getting rid of him. Division and conflict would inevitably result from his mission as many would reject his offer of salvation. This Gospel is forcing us to face the fact that if we are to be followers of Christ, conflict and tension are unavoidable. Jesus never promised that the journey would be without its crosses. They are the inevitable part of being a Christian. The teaching of Jesus demands acceptance or rejection. Somewhere alone the line we must make the choice of whether we are going to be followers of Christ or not.  And if the teaching of Christ does not cause us to question the way we are living we are falling short of being whole-hearted. The fire of Christ is not burning within our hearts.