21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
17 Aug 2018

The Gospel today presents a moment of crisis for the disciples of Jesus.  It was time for them to stand up and be counted.  What Christ was demanding of them was not understanding, but faith in himself.  So, there was no way they could avoid making a choice of being for or against Jesus.  We, in our generation are faced with a decision to make about following our Lord – do we stay or do we go away?  This is the drastic choice that faces all who come in contact with Jesus.  And our baptismal promises likewise put this question to us:  Whom do we want to serve?  It’s not a matter of accepting that certain beliefs are true but it involves a personal commitment at the level of the heart and of the mind to live by the values of Christ.  The personal option to belong to Jesus regardless of where life may lead us is at the centre of our faith; and is an ongoing struggle.  It is so easy for us to compromise and pick and choose from Christ’s teaching what suits ourselves; God does not always correspond to our idea of him or to what we would like him to be.  Christ invites us to surrender and entrust ourselves to him and to follow him on the way to the Father.  This means learning to rely on God rather than on ourselves when the road ahead is uncertain and the light is dim. Christ invites us to be his faithful followers and to share his work among all people.  Will our response be the same as Peter’s: ‘Lord, where else will we go? We believe you have the message of eternal life.’