21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
23 Aug 2019

In the gospel today, Jesus makes it clear that the question that is asked is the wrong one.  Rather he indicates the question should be:  How does one attain salvation?  In urging us to enter through the narrow door, Jesus seems to be warning us against having an over-confident approach.  Entrance to heaven is a case of struggling rather than strolling in. God has no established favourites and nobody is on the inner track as there is no such thing as automatic membership.  We cannot pin our hopes on the mere fact that we are paid, church-going people.  The real test of Sunday worship is how we live at home, behave at work and treat our neighbor during the week.  The Gospel is a call to deepen our Christianity and to respond whole-heartedly to the invitation of Jesus, who wants us to live seriously in this light.  The terms of entry are about loving God and our neighbor.  There is no substitute for making the following of Christ our life’s work.  Salvation depends somehow on our co-operation, our personal decision and the intensity of our efforts.  If we make a response, God will not fail us, because his generosity is not measured sparingly.  He wants everyone to be saved, his love is unlimited and we shall surely be pleasantly surprised at the company he keeps.