22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
31 Aug 2018

In the gospel today, our Lord is pointing out something he wants us to notice. Christ’s words to the Pharisees are a challenge and we can hardly deny that they apply to us also. The attitude of the Pharisees lurks within all of us, so a warning about it is never out of place. Jesus is appealing to us to be on our guard against merely external compliance with ritual. If we are to keep our worship of God in true focus we must call attention to what we are doing. Jesus is telling us that while we look to appearances, God looks to the heart and cannot be deceived. He is demanding that our innermost thoughts as well as our outward actions stand up to God’s scrutiny. We are to be continually searching out what God wants of us, purifying the way we live, and practising our religion. It is surprisingly easy for our prayers and Mass-going to sink into an empty ceremony, for our worship to become heartless and without love. Could we be among those who take down a belief every weekend but have it tucked away carefully as we come home from Church. To be more than Sunday Christians, the love of God must flow into our daily lives and into our work place.