22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
30 Aug 2019

We are all familiar with this gospel passage which encourages the practice of humility.  Today in a world of power and privilege, humility does not get good publicity. In fact, it is often associated with weakness and a poor self-image ~ but it is none of these. Humility is an attempt to try and see ourselves as God sees us.  It is taking an honest measure of ourselves without being boastful, pompous or proud, realizing that we are what we are before God and nothing more.  It is an admission that our talents come from God who has seen fit to work through us.  We are conditioned to view our gifts as if they are our own, without realising that they are to be used for the good of the community.  Our lives only have meaning when we are sincere in relation to God.  This gospel warns us against all forms of pride and self-glorification.  The message is so obvious that we may fail to give it serious thought.  We should take a hard look at ourselves for what we are.  Pride is a road going nowhere.  Pride cuts us off from reality and makes us prisoners of ourselves. In God’s eyes the proud person takes a very lowly place because God rejects the proud and raises up the humble ~ for everyone who exalts themselves will be humbled and the person who humbles themselves will be exalted.