23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
7 Sep 2018

While our sympathy and pity may be with the man in today’s Gospel story, nevertheless, we likely regard him as one of the lucky ones, to have met Jesus who cured him, gave him a break in life and made him like the rest of us.   We take for granted our ability to hear and speak, but both gifts are meant for a purpose even greater than human communication.  They are also our means of listening to God and speaking his word.  This is something we should never forget.  What we hear and what we say determine to a great extent what we do and they make us the persons we are.  Jesus is the one who can cure us so that we can make full use of our faculties of speech and hearing.  But how well do we use these precious gifts?  How many times have we failed to utter a word of encouragement, of hope and thanks, or have kept a discreet silence when we should have spoken the truth?  Then there are the problems we have in speaking to our partner or neighbours, because of a long-standing dispute or simply out of jealousy, envy or pride.  What Jesus is saying to us is that the greatest tragedy of all is not to be born unable to speak or hear, but to have ears and fail to hear and to have tongues and fail to speak.  We are the ones who need to be brought to Jesus for his healing touch, which brings communication where there are silences, companionship where there is loneliness, and encouragement where there is despair.