23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
6 Sep 2019

The gospel today presents us with a series of sayings on what the demands of a life of discipleship involves in terms of suffering and self-sacrifice.  The life to be led and the conditions laid down are anything but easy: you give God everything and hold nothing back.  Whole-hearted service is demanded and there is no room for compromise.  The price to be paid is the heavy burden of cross-carrying and it may mean the parting of company with close friends. The journey to God is so valuable that it is worth stripping our lifestyles down to the bare essentials.  By doing this we realize that discipleship is more important than acquiring possessions.  In all likelihood this gospel makes us feel uncomfortable because our lives should demonstrate that we are carrying the cross.  When the cross is absent from our lives then Christ is not present either. Putting God first in our lives is a choice we must make every day.  At moments when the struggle becomes too great, it is good to remember we are not alone; Christ is walking along every step of the road with us.  We are called to be disciples at home, in the family, in our place of work, in school or university, in our dealings with our neighbours, treating them all as our friends and appreciating their true worth.  To follow Christ through time into eternity costs nothing less than everything.