24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
13 Sep 2019

The Gospel today is a classic passage on forgiveness.  In it the focus is on the Father, in order to tell us something about God.  We are in a family relationship with God whose kindness is beyond words.  In this story we feel the overpowering might of the mercy of God, who withholds no sign of affection for those who have walked a crooked path.  This spirit of forgiveness must surely touch, console and give hope to sinners.  Jesus wants us to know that, even after our most stupid mistakes and tragic sins, he will be looking to take us back with open arms and restore us to his love, because God is tireless in seeking out sinners.  It is comforting to know that should we stray away a loving God joyfully awaits our return.  If we have taken God’s unfailing pardon in our own lives for granted, then we have muffled his message of mercy. God the Father expects his love and forgiveness to be imitated by us. How else can he seek and save the lost except through our cooperation?  His pardon is brought into the world by the love and mercy we show sinners. Our ability to welcome home the lost shows how much we treasure our own friendship with God.  What we receive from God we must pass on to others.