25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
22 Sep 2017

Everyone loves stories. Look at the great epics and movies. People learn through stories. The Bible is the greatest story ever told. God speaks to us in an understandable way. Like a parent to their children God speaks to us. God’s words are so deep. We are scratching the surface. In today’s Gospel, we hear the story of a harvest in which some workers put in more time than others. When pay time comes, they are all treated equally and the early birds among them begin to complain and grumble. Why do the workers in the vineyard complain and grumble whereas the workers in the family farm do not? The answer is simple. One group of workers is made up of family members and the other group is made up of unrelated individuals drawn from the wider society. The norms of behavior of contribution and reward in a family are different from those in the wider society. You and I are supposed to get angry at some of the conclusions of the parables, and then only do we pause to reflect on why we are angry. It is then that we get the meaning of “God’s grand reversal.” God’s rewards are not earned. They are gifts. As someone said: “Rule number one is, God is gracious. Rule number two is, learning rule number one.” God’s ways are not our ways.