25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
20 Sep 2019

In light of what Jesus has to say concerning wealth, everyone of us has to do some hard thinking and sincere praying about our attitude towards material possessions.  The gospel is especially warning us against making money the goal of our existence.  Money plays such an important role in our daily lives that it influences us deeply, whether we have it or not.  In a world where values are out of focus, money talks, opens doors and is a voice that is always heard and listened to. Given the emphasis society places on having lots of riches, it’s hard to remain indifferent to its power. Money is something we have to use but, at the same time, watch, in case it gets a grip on us and destroys us by becoming our god.  At the end of our life, what will count is the person we are and the good we have done, and not what we have accumulated in material possessions. Experience teaches that the longing for happiness and security is not satisfied by any created thing. Our life is not made secure by material wealth because we have a heavenly destiny. We are here today and gone tomorrow, but we are here for a purpose. The closer we come to eternity the more material possessions lose their value. When life draws to an end, riches prove worthless and have got to be left behind.  We can take nothing with us from this life except the good we have done.  The gospel message is summed up in the quote: ‘Money is an instrument that can buy everything but happiness,and purchases a ticket to every place but heaven.’