26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
27 Sep 2018

In the gospel today, Jesus made it clear that all good comes from God and that doing charitable work was not the exclusive right of his followers.  God moves where he wills and chooses whom he wills.  His spirit is at work beyond the confines of established religion.  With the best will in the world, we can all fall prey to the type of thinking and misguided notion that only the church can contain truth and only her members can perform spiritual works.  When we think along these lines we are inclined to turn the church in on herself and deny that great works can be achieved outside her influence.  We forget that an action can be good and Godly without being performed by a Christian.  Goodness in the world comes from God and not from people. Even within the church there is the temptation to form our own select groupings; to promote the club mentality which is basically about being in and keeping other people out.  We’ve all witnessed unhealthy rivalry between different Church organizations, different parishes and yet the aim of all is about furthering the kingdom of God.  The cause of some charitable organizations can be very worthwhile but their tactics can sometimes be anything but edifying, giving the impression that goodness is a closed book in their name and not in the name of Christ. The gospel tells us that any person of goodwill doing their best to follow Christ’s footsteps graces the world.  God’s action is not limited to any class of people.  God may be sending his message to us in the most unexpected and tragic events that befall us.  Goodness is where we find it.