26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
27 Sep 2019

There is quite a picture painted in today’s readings.  The people to whom Christ addressed this story were poor by our standards.  It had a message for them and it has one for us.  This is a gospel call to be aware of the needs of all our brothers and sisters.  If we love, we share our possessions and our time with the marginalized.  Greed gets to us, because we are basically selfish. The gospel costs us our comforts because it makes inroads on our pockets.  When our own interest is involved, self-deception is all too easy.  And whether we like it or not God’s message is there for all of us to hear.  Nobody is exempt from responsibility for the less fortunate members of society.  We have obligations to the poor at home and in the third world.  The little we have we must share.  If we ignore the pleas of the orphan and the widow, the sick and the lonely we will pay the price.  Wherever we look there is sorrow to be comforted, need to be supplied, pain to be relieved.  The poor are a challenge, but Christ has told us that they will always be with us.  By our attitude we can show that people matter more than possessions.  People are more precious for what they are than the job they do or the money they earn.  We are to make ourselves shining examples of faith in these difficult times of growing injustice and self-seeking.