27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
6 Oct 2017

Today’s gospel parable of the Tenants qualifies as world-class because it shakes up our assumptions and makes us wonder what is going on here and it helps us to make a decision.  In this Parable, the landowner represents God who did everything he could to provide a productive vineyard for the tenants.  He got the land ready for planting to getting the wine ready for sale, because growing grapes in the Holy Land is not easy.  The tenants represent the people who ignore God, because God is out of sight and out of mind.  They think to themselves, why should they worry about this absentee landlord.  But in thinking this way, they began to call the vineyard their own, and it was by doing this that they got themselves into trouble.  They became possessive.  But isn’t it the same with each of us.  Even when we are working for someone else, it starts to become: “My truck” or “My computer”, or “My tools.”  So, there is no wonder if the tenants thought the vineyard belonged to them.   There is always a danger when the possessions start to possess us.  Do we think of the product of our labour belongs only to us, and we owe God nothing?  Let us not forget that whatever we have is God’s blessing to us.  We are only tenants of His blessing and not the owners.  We are responsible and accountable to Him for the way we use or abuse our endowments.  Are we using our gifts to promote God’s kingdom or are we using it to advance our personal interests?