27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
5 Oct 2018

In the last lines of today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us to become like little children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. We tend to regard childhood as something that we must grow out of, leave completely behind, as if there was nothing in it that was worth keeping. Unfortunately, what tends to happen is we lose some of the best qualities of the child and keep some of the worst. We cease to be childlike but continue to be childish. Children teach us how to live. Children put us in touch with the gentler and more innocent part of ourselves that we may have discarded in the struggle or battle of life. They revive in us a sense of wonder, and it is the sense of wonder above all that keeps us young. When Jesus says to us, ‘unless you become like little children you will not enter the kingdom of heaven,’ he is recalling us to our lost childhood, so that though old and frail in body, we might be reborn in innocence of character. We are invited, not to become children, but to become like children. Jesus says we cannot enter the Kingdom unless we receive it like a child. The kingdom is a gift. Children are more suited for the kingdom because they know how to receive a gift. Even though they have no worldly assets, they have immediate access to the Kingdom. No one can enter the Kingdom of God who is not open to receive it as a gift