27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
4 Oct 2019

As they approached Jerusalem, the apostles sense the mounting opposition to the master’s mission and feel isolated.  They are tempted to despair.  They ask Jesus to increase their faith that they will be able to remain steadfast in their following.  Jesus in his reply to their request emphasizes that a faith that is deep-rooted can achieve the impossible, because life takes on a new significance when the power of God is at our disposal.  The tragic happenings that are part of our daily lives call us to share in suffering but prompt us to question the ways of God.  At times, as we seek instant solutions to our problems, we bitterly complain of God’s absence.  God so often seems to be silent and we are left dumbfounded.  The challenge is to remain faithful to God and religious values especially at moments when they do not make sense.  This is a gospel call to give our lives to Jesus and make a special effort to push ourselves to our Christian limits.  Faith and good works are not alternatives for the Christian – they are inseparable.  No matter how we look at it, the kind of faith we have is best shown by the type of life we lead.  If we believe in the person of Jesus Christ, we will give him true allegiance in our everyday lives, by living as he would have us live and by loving God and our neighbour.