29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
20 Oct 2017

We can look at today’s gospel from many angles.  One of them could be images – how they affect our lives.  We are bombarded with images on TV, our computers, actually on any of our communication devices – everywhere our heroes assault our eyes.  Ultimately the question is:  where do we find God’s image in our society?  We are all citizens of two realms, the earthly and the spiritual.  We find God’s image stamped on creation, on every human being, and in every good word we speak and every good work we do.  Once we discover what image we wish to reflect, our lives and its decisions will fall into place.  Remember who you look like.  Image can be everything.  This gospel suggests that a believer must assess his or her loyalty due to family and career.  If family concerns cease to be important and job absorbs most of one’s energy, then the moment has arrived to re-prioritize values and loyalties.  The same is true in terms of relationship with God. If there is no time for prayer and worship, then loyalties are out of balance.  Remember the saying:  Money will buy you a bed but not sleep; books, but no brains; food, but no appetite; finery, but not beauty; medicine, but not health; a house, but not a home; luxuries, but not culture; amusement, but not happiness; religion, but not salvation; a passport to everywhere — but heaven!