29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
18 Oct 2019

Jesus urges us to pray continually and never to grow discouraged.  Prayer is talking to God, and when we pray we are to speak our hearts in a real human way, making use of the style which suits us best.  We need to be under no pressure to be other than what we are and what we feel at that moment.  It doesn’t matter whether we are joyful, depressed, angry or frustrated.  There is no reason to be ashamed because we are in the presence of a friend who understands.  We pray because there is confusion in our lives and because we need guidance to make the proper decisions.  There are our wrong-doings for which we need forgiveness, and our successes for which we ought to give thanks.  One pressing problem is that, while we expect immediate response, God seems to remain silent and inattentive to our requests.  It is good to remember that we are not telling God anything God doesn’t already know, so we can be assured that God hears our every prayer.  God will not refuse what is for our benefit and will grant us what we ask in his own good time and as he sees fit.  If we get our praying right, the rest of life will fall into place.  Prayer is the oil that keeps the lamp of faith burning brightly, drawing us closer to God and enabling us to produce good works.