2nd Sunday in Advent

St. Pius X | News
8 Dec 2017

In today’s liturgy we hear again the lonely voice of John the Baptist calling us to prepare a way for the Lord…to make a straight highway for our God.  This involves finding time in our busy lives and space in our busy hearts, for the Lord. The highway to be made is our way of life.  It is not the Lord who needs the straight path but we.  And it’s not so much a straight path we need as a straight attitude.  People may be living next door to one another, yet, because of a hostile or unforgiving attitude, they may be unable to travel the few yards that separate them from one another.  Here the word ‘straight’ stands for honesty and right living.  People are sometimes urged to straighten themselves out.  We find this path by acting with integrity, treating people fairly, refraining from any form of oppression, not making life more difficult for anyone, sharing with those in need.  This is the way to seek God.  How easy things become for the one who walks the straight path – the path of the Lord.  But to walk a straight path one needs strength, wisdom, and single-mindedness. So, during this season of Advent we need to do everything we can to prepare a way for the Lord to come to us, and to come to others through us.  Fortunately everything doesn’t depend on our efforts.  The Lord can come in spite of us, just as the dawn comes.  However, let us ask the Lord to take the blindness from our eyes, and the hardness from our hearts, so that the world may be flooded by the grace of his coming.