2nd Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
15 Mar 2019

The purpose of the Transfiguration on the mountain that is described in the Gospel today was to make the apostles aware of the divine presence in the person with whom they walked and talked and to establish beyond all doubt in their minds that Jesus was the Son of God.  It revealed to the disciples who their master really was and by giving them a taste of future glory, prepared them for the humiliation of the passion.  When they first cast their lot to follow Jesus, little did Peter, James, and John realize the price they would be asked to pay on the journey.  Now they discovered that it would involve huge sacrifices.  Christ was inviting them to crawl up the hill of Calvary and carve their names on the foot of the cross.  Experience teaches us that nothing worthwhile in life is ever simple or straight-forward.  The message of the transfiguration is that there is a connection between suffering and death and the resurrection and glory.  When things are difficult, and the haul is very long it is good to remember that there is no short cut to glory.  Real happiness and peace of mind only come after Calvary because the cross and suffering are inescapable. The transfiguration speaks of the gradual process of change that takes place in our lives when we accompany Christ on the road to Calvary.  Lent affords us an opportunity, through prayer and fasting for us to get our personal lives in spiritual shape.