2nd Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
6 Mar 2020

On one occasion, our Lord invited Peter, James and John, three of his close friends, to leave behind everyday concerns and accompany him up a mountain.  The story of the transfiguration is a good example of the strength and assurance we can derive from prayer while facing the difficulties of life.  The purpose of Christ’s ascent was to seek divine guidance in quiet prayer.  If we are to get away from living the half-life, under cover of darkness, and discover what God’s plan is for us, we need periods of peace and tranquility so that God’s voice is not crowded out.  It always happens that the more we come to know God the better we come to know ourselves.  Prayer is about being in the presence of God, listening to him and experiencing his strength in our movement through life.  It gives us courage and confidence and helps to confirm that, as we journey on our pilgrimage from youth to age there is a purpose and an end in view, that God is calling us home.  He may not call us to unknown places as Abraham was called but he does summon each of us to trust him as we meet the challenges of daily living. Prayer helps us to see the world through the eyes of God. We can only be true disciples by sharing our faith and assisting others making the journey in our company.  God encourages others through us – not in a mysterious way but in the human words and kindly actions we show them. In this way the glory of the Lord shines through our lives and we grow brighter as we are turned into the image of the one we are to reflect.