2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
12 Jan 2018

Even though this is the year of Mark, we begin with a reading from John.  The second Sunday of Ordinary Time respects an old liturgical theme of celebrating different epiphanies or manifestations of Jesus.  John shows us a gradual recognition of who Jesus is – through the testimony of John the Baptist and the confession of the first disciples.  Here John the Baptist calls Jesus ‘Lamb of God,’ and Andrew calls him ‘the Messiah.’  The main theme of the readings, however, is that of call and response.  In the First Reading we have the call of Samuel, who played a big part in the building up of Israel.  His call marked the beginning of a new era.  It was through him that Israel got its first kings.  This paves the way for the Gospel story of the call of the first disciples – Andrew, John and Peter.  The call of Peter is highlighted because of the important role he played in the first community. The call of Samuel and the call of the first disciples are both relevant for our lives.  Just as Samuel was called by God to the task of being a prophet, so each of us is called to do some specific work for God in the world.   And the call of the disciples applies to us too, because at our baptism we were called to discipleship.