2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
17 Jan 2020

The Invitation of Jesus to Peter and Andrew, James and John is direct and simple, “Come, follow me” with no hint as to where they are going or what is in store for them.  Nothing is promised.  There is no suggestion of any hesitation or regret on their part at letting go or leaving their boats behind.  Only one thing matters – to follow Christ and become fishers of people.  This encounter between Jesus and the apostles takes place during the first moments of his public ministry and reflects the humble origins of the church.  Ordinary people with no special training are called to the extraordinary task of bringing the knowledge and love of God to the whole world.  God chooses the weak of the world to confront the strong and the simple to confound the wise.  The mission of preaching, teaching and healing which Jesus began in Galilee is now the responsibility of the Church.  The call of the apostles is still the model of discipleship and in our generation we have both the privilege and obligation to accept his invitation.  Right now we stand at a point of opportunity.  Christ alone gives us life and hope and we should not be side-tracked in the work of our own conversion by earthly pursuits.  We are the hands of God.  the power of God is released upon the world by men and women like ourselves in every walk of life who put their spiritual welfare of the community before selfishness in everyday  things.