2nd Sunday of Advent

St. Pius X | News
7 Dec 2018

If Christmas is going to be a deeply religious experience and not just a pagan festival of merriment, the holy season of Advent has got to be taken seriously and not robbed of its meaning.  These days provide us with the opportunity for strengthening and deepening our union with Christ.  The Lord is close at hand but his presence cannot be felt in our lives unless we open our hearts fully and make room for him through prayer and repentance. The repentance for which John the Baptist calls goes beyond change of the whole person and demands turning our backs on old self-centred habits.  John gives us some down to earth  advice on how to smooth a passageway for Christ coming into our lives, by pointing out obstacles and barriers at the door of our hearts that need to be removed.  John’s words leave their sting behind and are a bitter pill to swallow.  They hurt because there s so much in our lives to be set right.  He’s telling us that there is a wrong way to live and a right way.  If we are to make a clear pathway for God to come into our hearts we have to turn away from sin, resolve to conduct ourselves better and humbly ask Jesus to give us his light instead.  Our God is calling us home, offering us salvation in the person of his Son.  On the first Christmas Day, he entered our world and opened the door to eternal life. This Advent let us ask the Spirit to lead us by prayer and repentance through that doorway.  Then on his arrival we will be found without stain of sin and at peace.