2nd Sunday of Easter

St. Pius X | News
26 Apr 2019

Within the Gospel today, the prayerful atmosphere of this gathering of disciples is rudely interrupted by the stubborn disbelief of Thomas.  The only way he will believe that Jesus is risen is to put his fingers into the wounds of Calvary.  The events of Good Friday had shattered his faith to the point where he makes no attempt to hide his doubts.  Thomas is a precious figure and he does us all a favour in demanding proof of the resurrection.  In actual fact he is only echoing the doubts and voicing the uncertainties which darken our minds and cloud our faith from time to time when dreams are crushed by an unexpected death, a broken relationship or some such heavy cross.  The gospel points out that faith does not always come easily.  Sometimes believing is not a problem, at other times it can be a struggle against despair and a real challenge.  Ultimately it is faith that makes life meaningful because it’s an adventure of the spirit searching for an encounter with God.  It is worth remembering that the faith of the apostles was no overnight experience but something gradual which increased as they became more intimate with Christ.  The challenge of Thomas, for all who profess to believe, is to be more outgoing and to touch people in such a way as to bring hope and encouragement to their existence.  Like Thomas we are a strange mixture of belief and unbelief.  We have faith in our heart and doubts in our mind.  And so it is no small wonder we pray: ‘Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief.’