32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
10 Nov 2017

Today’s readings hinge on the theme of “seeking or waiting for God with confident expectation,” and it is Wisdom, that really sets the tone.  The author of the Book of Wisdom exhorts his Jewish audience to seek wisdom because the proper end of all learning is moral living.  But the road to wisdom in the company of the learning and faith is travelled by very few.  Wisdom waits for us at the gate, and those who seek her are guaranteed her companionship.   Today’s Gospel parable is an allegory about the vigilance required in writing for Christ.  It is a story where two kinds of contrary behaviors are presented in order that the listener comes to the wisdom of knowing which one he or she is. The image of this Sunday is a group – community – holding high torches aflame with hope.  These readings provide our parish community with a fine opportunity to recognize our countless private and public acts of kindness to others that have burned brightly, as torches of hope to others.  Our weekend Eucharist is a wonderful opportunity for us to replenish our lamps.  So we are to keep vigilant of our faith because vigilance is needed in seeking God and one another.