32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
9 Nov 2018

This little incident outside the temple described in today’s gospel is worth recalling because it draws our attention to the manner in which Jesus weighs us up and judges us. While we are content to be guided by appearances, to judge peoples by what they possess and to value presents by how much they cost, Christ measures us in a totally different way. His searching eyes penetrate into our souls and reveal the inner motives and the hidden intentions behind our actions. He is concerned with the sacrifices we are making, how much of our lives are surrendered to him and whether we are taking his demands seriously. The hidden value of the widow’s offering teaches us that material goods are not the most important factor in the world. What God is looking for in our lives is not our possessions but our hearts. What is hardest to give is ourselves in love and concern, because it cost more than reaching for our wallets. Learning to give generously to God is a difficult lesson to master and yet there is no true following of Christ without such self-denial. This gospel story invites us to live in a way that hurts and does not count the cost, for it is in giving that we receive. Our life story can easily be one of non-response to the needs of others, indicating how little we really give of ourselves to God. There is an immense gap between what we are and what we should be. The life-giving sacrifice of Jesus, who gave up everything for us on the cross, can inspire us to bridge that gap.