32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
8 Nov 2019

The readings today force us to reflect on the meaning of life and the purpose of death.  Going through life, we meet death in its many forms – slow, sudden, young and old, after an accident or prolonged illness. The path of life leads to the grave.  It’s the one appointment we cannot cancel.  There is no sorrow comparable to the heartbreak experienced at the graveside. Death crushes and destroys earthly ties and it’s a time for grieving and bitter tears.  No departure leaves us so isolated as the death of a loved one. The church gives us hope and brings meaning to this otherwise unacceptable and painful occurrence in our lives.  The coming of Christ into the world has given new meaning to every departure and has taken the sting out of death. As Christians, we believe that our human existence cannot adequately be explained in terms of this earth only; life does not finish with the grave; it’s open-ended, beginning here on earth but finding its completion somewhere hereafter, beyond what we call death.  Death is the doorway leading to eternal life.  It is our leap into eternity with God calling us to the fullness of life.  The month of November is here and the year is dying.  It is a suitable time to remember our dead, not with fear and despair, but in the hope of joining them in eternal life.  The spirit of the dead lives on in the memory of the living.